SAMPLE PROJECTS
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Project:                      Southwest Jet Center  at Scottsdale Air Park
                                  (photos thanks to Kristen Hill)
Client:                        Theory R Properties (Interior Design by K Hill Designs)
Location:                    14988 N. 78th Way #112 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Project Description:   1753 s.f. lounge, coffee bar, conference room for pilots,
                                   passengers, and tenants.
Copper State Consulting Group- Main Conference Area. Photograph from www.copperstate.net
Copper State Consulting Group- Receptionist 
Photograph from www.copperstate.net
EyeCare For Animals- Avondale- Waiting and Coffee Bar. Note separate seating areas for dogs & cats.
Southwest Jet Lounge
Southwest Jet Clerical
Copper State Consulting Group- Break Area. Photograph from www.copperstate.net
Arizona Business Bank, Scottsdale- ATM
Arizona Business Bank, Scottsdale- Waiting Area
EyeCare For Animals, Avondale- Surgery
Arizona Business Bank, Scottsdale- Teller Line
EyeCare For Animals- Avondale- Reception
Barrett Residence, Paradise Valley
Barrett Residence, Paradise Valley
Barrett Residence, Paradise Valley
Southwest Jet  Reception
Southwest Jet Coffee Bar
Southwest Jet Conference Room