As specialists in landlord tenant improvement design, we've been involved in a number of highly successful office and flex office/ industrial "spec. suite" projects. Working closely with brokers familiar with specific market conditions, we've found that attractive smaller suites that are "move in ready" tend to lease far more quickly than vacant or "empty shell" spaces.    

McCleve Orthotics Reception
Premier EyeCare Dispensary
Heinfeld Meech Reception
Wilkes Architecture, Inc primarily specializes in commercial interior architecture in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. 

We've worked with a wide variety of clients to create professional offices, medical offices,  spaces for financial services,  veterinary clinics, retail sales rooms, and industrial spaces, designed to meet the user's unique needs. See the portfolio and services pages for a more complete picture of our practice. 

Roger developed an expertise in tenant improvement architecture as a staff architect with a development company that was renovating a high rise building complex in central Phoenix. As a fellow employee with the property manager, leasing, and building maintenance team members, he developed a unique understanding of the landlord's point of view. We provide a quick response, ready availability, and put a high priority on helping out with the leasing and tenant retention process. 
Family VetCare- Chandler
Arizona Business Bank, Scottsdale